Equipping you to feed, nourish, and value yourself.


As a certified NUTRITIONAL HEALTH COACH, Danielle assists her clients towards reaching their health goals by providing insight and understanding around how food and lifestyle effects their bodies. She provides authentic and realistic nutrition plans that support her client's goals, which often include; weight loss, increased and consistent energy, balanced hormones, reduced bloating, and healthier habits around food. Danielle recently moved back from London where she worked one-on-one with women at Hub Health, advising them around managing weight, food habits, and hormone regulation, as well as how to meet their baby’s and their own nutritional requirements during pregnancy, how to manage morning sickness and weight gain, and how to best prepare their bodies for a healthy baby.

Danielle hosts workshops focussing on women's health, physical performance, nutrition, and healthy hair and skin. She has worked with Sweaty Betty and Glasshouse Journal in the UK, as well as Heartfelt Kitchen and Sans Ceuticals in New Zealand.

Danielle received her qualifications at Holistic Performance Nutrition and the Southern Institute of Technology where she learned the biochemical processes underpinning metabolism, digestion, and absorption to understand how different foods impact the body and support great health.

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                     Certified Nutrition Coach

                     Certified Nutrition Coach

Danielle's Story.

It all started with food.

As a family, we loved breakfast time, snack time, lunch time, dinner time…. All times when food was present.

Much later, once I had been confronted by society’s concept of the “perfect” and acceptable body (it’s difficult not to!), my relationship towards food and the body became confused.

At this time I was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; a condition that inhibits ovulation in some women, and is directly correlated with Insulin Resistance, a different condition that is thoroughly influenced by diet. I started to investigate how to eat well so I could diminish the effects of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in my life.

Later, after leaving university I became the Catering Manager and Chef for a nation-wide gourmet food store in New Zealand, called Farro Fresh. This led me to Paris, where I spent close to a year in the kitchens of Rose Bakery learning the tricks of the trade. On my return to Auckland, I took on the role of Operations Manager and Chef for a start-up health food store, called Wilder and Hunt.

My love for preparing (and eating) nutritious food, and my curiosity around how food impacts the body led me to study nutrition and become a Nutritional Health Coach. I love that food can improve our health; that it can relieve indigestion, eliminate IBS, regulate hormones, balance energy levels, inhibit cancer growth, reverse Insulin Resistance and even Type Two Diabetes. I love that good nutrition through wholefoods can develop a healthy & robust baby, instead of a constantly ill baby. This is all profound!

But most importantly, I have learned that alongside a whole, unprocessed, and natural diet, a healthy mental and emotional relationship towards food is key for a flourishing life.

My mission is to equip people to feed, nourish, and value themselves in order that they may thrive.

Danielle xx