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"I came across Danielle’s details through a friend of mine’s activewear brand and from the minute I made contact with her I felt at ease. I already consume a very healthy diet and train very hard but was suffering really badly with digestive issues and lack of energy. I also had major surgery a few years ago to remove a brain tumour so my approach to food and wellbeing in general is very vigilant as it is truly integral to me living the best possible life and my body has suffered some major trauma. Danielle got me to keep a food diary and when I saw her she instantly knew what my issues were. Even though they were small tweaks to my diet… the difference has been nothing less than extraordinary. I followed her recommendations to the “T” and like many women, I had cut all starchy carbs out my diet which Danielle had recognised was an issue with the amount of exercise I do. She asked me outright if I was concerned about gaining weight by introducing root vegetable carbs back in my diet and honestly I said yes - but I could not carry on feeling like I did so would do exactly as she advised. She also explained that once my body adjusted it would re-set itself. The results have been incredible - I have more energy, I am not as hungry all the time, I do not suffer from bloating all the time, my skin is better, my digestive issues are gone and I am actually leaner! I will not be losing touch with Danielle (ever!!) as nutrition is as important to my wellbeing as my fitness and I trust her implicitly and would recommend her in a heartbeat!!" LEANNE, BUSINESS EXECUTIVE

"I was recommended Danielle by a family member and am so glad I went to see her! Over the course of three months we were in regular contact and she was always so quick to respond to my many questions. Her kind nature and approachability made me feel at ease and her encouraging words made all the difference to my progress. The goals I had set for myself became so much more achievable with the support and knowledge Danielle provided me with. I am feeling so much healthier and more energised and will continue to carry with me the valuable knowledge Danielle shared with me, and would encourage anyone wanting to change to a healthier lifestyle to see her." ANNA, NANNY

“Danielle has been fantastic in making healthy eating really accessible and easy to follow. She has a way of breaking down big changes in diet, habit and lifestyle into simple behaviour changes that make total sense – and don’t seem quite so scary! I came to her as I was suffering from painful stomach cramps and energy lows, I have quite a hectic job, which meant I was prone to skipping meals and topping up on lots of coffee and sugar to keep me going during the day. Rather than making me feel bad about my ways, she encouraged me to make a series of small replacements to get me out of unhealthy habits. Within four weeks of following her plan, I’m eating so much better, no longer crave caffeine or sugar and have way more energy – my skin even feels brighter. Best of all, my cramps have disappeared. Eating well is so much easier when you can really feel the benefits and I’m determined to stick with her sound advice.” LOUISE, BUSINESS WOMAN

"Danielle has been a Godsend and a boon for me. She has educated me with due diligence and given the necessary tools for me to switch over to a healthy eating lifestyle and eradicate the world of processed food and soft drinks drowned in sugar from my life. When I had my 1st consultation I thought she was going to tell me to give up everything and anything and become a vegan, but nope, things she wanted me to cut, she explained in details why I should, and the positives from the food she wanted me to incorporate into my diet, such as meat and vegetables and fruits. As a result, I have energy to burn. Indigestion and feeling bloated are no more. And the weight loss is coming off in increments. No need for a nap or the sudden decrease in get up and go as I now eat food that is healthy and sustains for the entire day. With regards to recovery time between reps in the gym, it is much quicker as the energy courtesy of the healthy eating I have undertaken is fuelling me lovely and beneficially. Really glad I undertook my change into a better me, diet wise, with Danielle." ELROY, FREE-LANCE SECURITY 

"Working with Danielle has been so good for me and my husband. Getting a clearer understanding around what we are putting into our bodies and the effect it has on how we feel, function - physically and mentally, has been life–changing. Danielle’s wealth of knowledge in areas of food and health and the science around it all is amazing – we have learnt so much. We are so happy we went to see her and we even though it can take a bit of time breaking bad habits and learning the importance of time and preparation – we are constantly seeing progress and just feel better!" KATRINA, BUSINESS SUPPORT

"I was referred to Danielle by a friend who knew that I was looking for some guidance around weight loss, and I am super glad she did! I first met with Danielle several months ago, and she gently guided me into a new way of thinking around eating, including education (fats vs carbs vs proteins), and how the body utilises different energy sources. After our initial meeting, Danielle has been great at keeping in contact, patiently answers my myriad of questions, and sends me additional resources such as articles and recipes. When talking about my weaknesses, rather than iron-fist, ‘you must follow this plan to a T’, Danielle knows that life continues to happen and it has to be sustainable, so rather than chastising me when I have fallen down, continued to be encouraging. She is also great at coming up with alternatives if there are certain food groups you don’t enjoy. I have really enjoyed working with Danielle, and the results are speaking for themselves - thanks Danielle!" ADELE, RECRUITER

"Working with Danielle as my Health Coach has helped to drastically change my outlook on food and how it affects my body. Danielle is knowledgeable, encouraging and empathetic. She has the tools to address life-long bad habits and beliefs about food and nutrition and similarly offers practical tools and ideas to replace such habits. Despite some major setbacks and slips into old bad habits on my behalf, Danielle still believed in me and continued to make me feel like I could succeed with my goals of weight loss and better nutrition. Her recipes are easy and realistic and use 'real' food, and most importantly they're delicious! I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone who is looking for a health coach to help move them into a new mindset around food and create life long positive health habits." OLIVIA, PUBLIC RELATIONS

"Danielle has provided me ongoing support and tools, insight and encouragement as I set about on this journey to a healthier lifestyle for my family and myself. She genuinely listened to my needs, desires and struggles, helping me work on ingrained mindsets about food, and coaching me towards improved health and increased energy levels. Danielle’s personable manner and passion for food, and wellness make for a very inspiring combo!" JENNY, MOTHER